Stefan Klumpp

Mobile Jazz co-founder Stefan Klumpp grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. After dropping out of high school he started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic and decided from then on to live the life he really wanted.

This path lead him to developing self-driving cars at Stanford University, attempting to become a professional kitesurfer on Maui, and finally to running a multi-million dollar business out of a camper van whilst traveling the world.

He has managed to achieve all that with just one goal in mind: making people happy.

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About Mobile Jazz

Mobile Jazz was founded in 2012 by Stefan Klumpp and Jordi Gimenez. They were two freelancers who met on a job and decided that there must be more to work-life than just grinding along for eight hours a day in an attempt to make money.

Mobile Jazz was created with the objective of creating an environment where work is not just a place to trade time for money. Instead, the focus has always been on optimizing the happiness of each individual in the company.

Since its inception, Mobile Jazz has grown into a 20+ people company, bringing in millions in revenue, and operating on a global scale with multiple offices around the world.

Employees enjoy benefits like deciding on their own work hours, working from anywhere they like, and participating in profit shares of the company. Additionally Mobile Jazz organizes company retreats in locations like Thailand, the Alps, Bali and South Africa for their employees.

With its revolutionary approach to work, Mobile Jazz has managed to attract top talent and has built long-lasting business relationships with both small and big brands in the industry that appreciate an unconventional approach to getting things done with the highest quality possible.


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